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Matcha White Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Bake Time: 17-18 minutes @ 350°F

Yield: 15-18 sandwich cookies

A luscious white chocolate buttercream, sandwiched between two buttery matcha cookies and flavored with black sesame seeds. These cookies are pretty and delicious!

Comes with:

  • Reusable, Washable Cookie Mat for baking the cookies
  • Large French Tip for piping the cookies


What's In The Box

- Step-by-Step Illustrated Recipe card
- Flour
- Matcha powder
- Black sesame seeds
- Sea salt
- Icing sugar
- Vanilla extract
- Callebaut white chocolate
- Piping bags
- Large French piping tip
- Silicone baking mat

What You Need

- Butter
- Lemon

Utensils Used

- Zester
- Mixing bowls
- Electric standing or hand mixer
- Silicone spatula
- Scissors
- Cooling rack
- Tall glass
- Food scale

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zena Applebaum

Very easy to make and extremely tasty!

Katherine S
Great Twist on Matcha Flavor

As matcha lovers we were very excited to dig into this box. It was delicious and a bright spring treat for our grey March weather. The cookies were a fun twist to share for St. Patrick's day and took things out of the usual green box.
The instructions for this kit were simple to follow and produced flawless results. The star tip that was included in the kit produces beautiful texture. When piped from the centre to outside of the circle it produces a beautiful rose-like look to the cookie.
The creamy white chocolate filling pairs perfectly with the matcha flavours. The recipe includes these amazing callets which melt perfectly and produce a ganache that hits the perfect temperature without a great deal of waiting for it to cool. This means mixing it into your buttercream never melts it and leaves you with a soupy mess that a warmer mix would.

Sarah A L McCrady

I started with the March box (matcha black sesame spritz cookies) and they were so fun to make! Plus it’s a recipe I never would’ve tried on my own! I love that the ingredients are pre-measured and they also send some equipment that’s required too! Can’t wait for April